Double Ball Roulette – Two Ball Roulette from Evolution

Double Ball Roulette game is a live dealer game from Evolution Gaming. Since its initial launch in May 2016, this game has rocked the online gaming scene. As the name suggests, this game employs a double dual mechanism where two balls are released to the wheel on a button’s press. Playing with two balls means more fun – and possibly doubling your chances of winning. With the payouts adjusted accordingly, the Double Ball Roulette game has proven attractive to Indian players and punters worldwide.

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Double Ball Roulette Software

Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s standing in the market, finding Double Ball Roulette online is easy. While the chance to play with two balls in a single table could be a novel idea, this game’s design has been executed with finesse. That said, here are some standout attributes of the Double Ball Roulette game.

Room Design: Double Ball Roulette live dealer rooms imitate the premium casino environment in many ways. The mix of colors used injects a suspenseful atmosphere into the entire gaming scene. As far as the betting interface is concerned, it is not very different from that offered in other Evolution games.

Gameplay: The game is played on a European roulette wheel, but it has an additional ball that does not interfere with the dynamics of the game.

Dealer Quality: The dealer’s energy and charisma are not different from that in other Evolution’s live dealer games.

How to Play Double Ball Roulette Online

Unlike traditional roulette games, Double Ball Roulette comes with slightly different betting options and rules. For instance, the balls in this game are launched differently. In light of this fact, any player trying out this new game should make an effort to get familiar with this game’s demands. Considering that two balls are used in the balls, the way a player can win also changes considerably. The croupier does not have to spin the balls manually. Instead, an automated mechanism is used. This mechanism seeks to take care of any errors that could result when the dealer releases the balls.

The objective of the game is to predict where the balls will come to rest. The balls might land in the same or different pockets. With two balls in use, this game allows you to place different kinds of bets. For starters, here are some of the main types of bets offered by Double Ball Roulette:

Inside Bets

These bets are placed on numbered spaces or the space between the numbers. To win, you only need to ensure that at least one ball lands on the area satisfying the bet. And when both balls land there, you win double the amount.

Double Ball Roulette - Two Ball Roulette from Evolution

Outside Bets

Bets placed outside the layout area next to the left of the table. You only win outside bets when both balls land on the numbers that match your bet. There are several outside bets such as column bets and the dozen bet.

The use of two balls means that you have an extra chance to win on each of the spins. If you mostly wager on outside bets, you should consider sticking with the red/black bets, potentially more valuable. However, a single number of players stand to gain a lot when playing Double Ball Roulette.

Along with the regular payouts offered by European roulette, this game gives provides one extra chance. If two balls end up in a single pocket, the online casino pays as much as 1300 to one. While the odds of this outcome happening are relatively low, you are assuredly incentivized to place a couple of bets per game.