VIP and Loyalty Programs At Indian Online Casinos

Casino games are probably one of the most loved ancient games of all time, it gunners both love and hate in equal measure from its numerous lovers, but then the introduction of online casinos just made gambling a new-found hobby in most homes. It’s never just about gambling, but finding ease and comfort while at it is paramount, hence the online casinos’ popularity growth.

Online casinos are quite fun, straightforward, and safer; you do not have to be a computer wizard to enjoy playing the game. All it takes is having a little knowledge of how to maneuver through the game, where to play, and of course, the take-home package, which merrily includes the bonuses, and rewards. Not to forget various VIP and loyalty programs tailor-made strictly for the loyal customers who have made a particular casino their regular joint.

VIP and loyal programs’ quality also happens to be the most important part of a casino as every gambler looks forward to a one-stop-shop with the best offers. To capture the heart of a loyal gambler, you must have the most attractive offer as every dedicated player puts their money where their mouths are, they spend regarding what they stand to gain. So, what programs are these, and how beneficial are they to a gambler?

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The Loyalty Programs

These are special loyalty schemes and rewards tailor-made for the finest spenders in a casino. They are mainly wrapped around fair terms that yield gradual rewards for the ardent player. The rewards are dished out in two ways, either through the casino currency achieved from every single bet placed (the casino currency is later converted to bonuses) or through accumulated bonuses after a series of games and scaling greater levels. Most online casinos adopt either of the two paying schemes approaches for their gamified aspects, but some embrace both, which then is left for the player to choose. Either way, the VIP and loyalty programs offer a huge range of benefits from this immersive gaming experience.

The Casino Currency

Casino currencies and point systems vary from one gambling den to another. In regular cases, every casino develops its currency and points system. The points are equivalent to a particular number of currencies, depending on that very casino’s rate. Alternatively, they can be redeemed for special prizes like free spins or hard cash. Also, how to accrue the points rests entirely on the particular casino’s rules. You get 1 point for every £10 bet placed in most cases, and 100 points can be redeemed for £1 of hard cash.

However, this doesn’t cut across all casinos, and it’s important to check up the rules and rates before either placing a bet or becoming a loyal customer. It’s also important to note that every game has its set percentage, which means that the type of game played depicts the amount of point earned.

In a different approach angle, there is leveling up for greater rewards; in a layman language, this means raising the bar higher. If you are familiar with video games, it means the same thing. The moment you register a full bar on the dashboard, it’s time to advance to the next level, which automatically means better rewards. Just like the regular bonuses acquired through the casino points, the leveling up rewards also vary but then the more you climb the ladder, the juicier the reward.

VIP and Loyalty Programs At Indian Online Casinos

Difference Between VIP and Loyalty Programs

The term VIP program is, at times, over understood by most gamblers. Being on a VIP program does not mean you get a standing ovation or a rolled-out carpet every time to check-in. Yes, there is a bit of special attention accorded to those on the VIP program, but then it’s nothing extraordinary. Being a loyalty programmed member means you gain points faster and become a dedicated account manager with exclusive bonus access to VIP events. This is what earns you the VIP title, but again, it’s all in the loyalty package.