Wagering Requirements – How to Convert Your Casino Bonus

Wagering in casinos is essentially about placing wagers or bets against an unknown outcome anticipating a win. So what are wagering requirements then? A wagering requirement refers to the number of times a casino bonus amount should be wagered before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. Wagering requirements are usually included in the terms and conditions, which, unfortunately, most people ignore. In other instances, new players do not understand this part of the agreement. As much as the bonus amount is aimed at attracting new players, failure to pay attention to the wagering requirements often leads to frustrations.

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How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

It is worth noting that most Indian casino players do not understand what wagering requirements are all about. Most people tend to learn casino terms better when real-life scenarios are used. Imagine you have signed up to an online gambling site, and you get a deposit bonus of 40 rupees when you make a deposit of 5 rupees and this has a wagering requirement of five times (x5). The following is what you will need to activate your casino bonus winning.

  • 40 rupees x5 (wagering requirements) = 200 rupees

At times, the wagering requirement may include the deposit you made. The calculation will look like this,

  • (5 rupees (deposit) + 40 rupees (bonus)) x5 (wagering requirements) = 225 rupees

This essentially means that you must play using 200 or 225 rupees, depending on the T&Cs, before you can make a withdrawal.

What Is the Need for Wagering Requirements?

As some may argue, wagering requirements are limitations aimed at ensuring casinos get more income. However, this could be far from the truth. Ideally, wagering requirements are often put in place to encourage casino players to wager with the bonus amount instead of just making a withdrawal. Besides, wagering requirements act as a safeguard against money-laundering activities. They ensure casinos comply with anti-money laundering directives.

Are Wagering Requirements Avoidable?

Avoiding wagering requirements will depend on whether you want to take advantage. If you need bonus offers, like most casino players, you have to play by the rules. The bonus offers are lucrative, and the possibility of making them even higher with a few wins makes things a lot better. There is no way around wagering requirements for any casino enthusiast who loves taking advantage of the casino or sportsbooks’ incentives.

How to Convert a Casino Bonus by Playing Slots With a High RTP

Return-to-player (RTP) percentage is vital in earning more money in casinos. This value often indicates the amount of money the game gives back to the player in terms of bonuses and jackpot wins. As far as slots games are concerned, most slots games have an RTP between 92-98%. As far as improving your chances of winning using your bonus is concerned, the best strategy is to play on slots machines with the highest RTP, preferably 96% and above. It is also worth noting that high RTP values are not guarantees, considering that slot outcomes are fundamentally random.

Wagering Requirements - How to Convert Your Casino Bonus


The Indian casino industry has seen massive development in recent years. Online punters can now enjoy generous bonus offers and friendlier wagering requirements than they did in the past. You only need to know how to play your ‘cards’ right.